Our offering is a holistic and comprehensive set of services that will help you effectively manage everyday, unexpected challenges to establish a stable relationship with yourself, build better relationships with others, discover clarity, success, self-confidence, and overall balance.

Our mission is also to create a global wellness community through the practices and knowledge we study.

We believe that people are better when they connect, and relationships are healthier when people feel whole. It’s up to us to make decisions that help us feel that way: to move our bodies, eat fresh food, take time to rest, invest in meaningful friendships, build businesses that bring us joy, learn that strength and tenderness reside within us…

In order for the world to be good, we must be good.

We believe that even though many of society’s problems – stress, global warming, loneliness, chronic illnesses – may be pervasive, many solutions to these issues are ancient and true. Mindfulness, meditation, spirituality, natural food, psychology, writing, laughter, painting, embracing one’s truth, community engagement, and living lightly and consciously on Earth – these are all older than us. This is true. Rediscovering ways of prevention in mental health care, nurturing, conscious being, and existence can directly address the most pressing issues of our time.

We believe that together, we have the will, power, and necessary knowledge to respond to the challenges we face – right now, in this moment. The path is long, and the steps are tangible, so let’s plant the garden of knowledge in our INPOISE – UNI – center, discover the burdens we carry from the past, walk through nature for healing, understand our energy and gifts. Social change requires dedication and small steps, and now you have support for it.

At inPoise, we help experts, lecturers, and artists share their knowledge with the widest possible audience, and then empower participants to apply that knowledge at the community level. If you’re interested in offering your program in the InPoise educational center, please reach out to us.

We believe that personal growth and societal well-being are two sides of the same coin. We believe we are all in this together, and we are at your service.

Maja & Dejan Vuković
CEOs of community

Our story probably begins much like yours…

In the years we’ve shared together, there has been individual and collective growth in many areas.

Maja: “By opening a studio for psychological counseling and education, I expanded my range of preventive psychological topics with seminars for women. After personally experiencing how much support women need, someone to accompany them on their journey of personal growth and development, I founded the inPoise community at the end of 2022. inPoise signifies the skill of handling difficulties and daily life while staying in balance, learning to be prepared, self-assured, calm, self-confident, and gracefully navigating through life.”

Dejan: “After more than two decades of professional engagement in karate, Zen skills, and studying psychology, I combined my knowledge and founded the first karate yoga program. Today, through my activities within the inPoise center, I aim to raise awareness of the importance of working on the physical, spiritual, and mental levels for as many people as possible.”

Maja is a writer, spiritual psychologist, psychotherapist, counselor, holistic therapist, Reiki master and yoga therapist. Dejan is a professor, psychological counselor, Zen sensei, martial arts master, yoga and meditation teacher.

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