INPOISE® Online Center – where you become fulfilled and balanced from within. Step by step, you will be supported in finding your true self and creating an exceptionally happy, fulfilling, and successful life.

Our programs & services

We provide psychological counseling services, courses, and workshops with leading global experts to help you live a happy, healthy, purposeful life. (English, German)

Blossom personally and professionally. Cultivate spirituality, live with joy, achieve meaningful goals, transform the way you present yourself.



Live lightly and consciously in your body and make healing choices. Functional alternative approaches, mental hygiene, meditation, better sleep, and the natural beauty of being.

Promote positive change and live lightly on Earth. Consciously regenerate through creativity, art, nature connection, community engagement.

Mindful movement and contemplation to feel more energy and ease. Yoga, meditation, breathwork, EFT tapping, and nurturing self-care.

“For thousands of years, sages and seers have used their consciousness as a tool to explore their inner worlds. This is precisely what we employ during our program.”


 Maja Vuković

Nutzen Sie die Kraft der Natur

Im Programm wird der Raum und die Ruhe der Natur genutzt, um den Klienten in seinen Ängsten, Konflikten oder Problemen zu unterstützen.

Mit speziellen Arbeitsmethoden und natürlichen Elementen kommen intuitivere Lösungen oft schneller zustande. Studien haben gezeigt, dass wir Menschen uns leichter mit emotionalen Themen beschäftigen, wenn wir uns in Bewegung an der frischen Luft befinden.

Ihr Stoffwechsel wird angeregt, Sie sind aktiv – und das allein kann zu einer anderen Perspektive auf Ihre Probleme führen. Heilung in der Natur kann jedoch auch in den bestehenden Prozess unserer Sitzungen als zusätzliches Element integriert werden.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can order any self-paced course through the link provided in the description.

Of course! All programs are available on mobile phones, computers, and tablets.

Yes, only within 24 hours of purchase. After that, refunds are not possible.

Each program is presented in the language in which it is conducted. (Serbian, English, or German)

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