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In today's culture of rushing through work schedules, along with the demands of our personal lives and the increasing reliance on technology, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or even depressed. Our leading speakers and life-changing lessons can help you build a better version of yourself.

— What is "in Poise"?

A network of brilliant people who are here for you.

This is a way to protect your psyche and overall well-being BEFORE you find yourself in a situation of illness – we will gladly support you in finding balance in everyday life. inPoise is also a quick and easy access to solution-oriented, experienced, dedicated experts!


What does inPoise mean?

It signifies the skill of handling difficulties and daily life while staying in balance, learning to be prepared, self-assured, calm, self-confident, and gracefully navigate through one’s life.

Our goal is to systematically influence society through action and knowledge – to create a deeper, more personal relationship with clients in a straightforward manner, tailoring our services to what they need most. 

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OUR SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE IN SERBIAN, ENGLISH, AND GERMAN LANGUAGES." We create video courses and online workshops on personal development, mindful movement, spirituality, health, environmental regeneration, and retreat programs.

Flourish personally and professionally. Nurture spirituality, live with joy, achieve meaningful goals, transform the way you show up.

Live comfortably in your body and make healing choices. Functional alternative approaches, meditation, better sleep, and natural beauty.

Promote positive change and live lightly on Earth. Consciously regenerate through creativity, art, nature connection, community engagement.

Mindful movement and contemplation to feel more energy and ease. Yoga, meditation, breathwork, EFT tapping, and nurturing self-care.

For thousands of years, sages and seers have used their consciousness as a tool to explore their inner worlds. This is precisely what we employ during our three-day program.



Do you also long for a magical break where you can disconnect and recharge your batteries? Then group sessions are perfect for you, where in a spiritual circle under the careful guidance of a psychologist, you can listen to and connect with yourself. Starting this year, spiritual circles are officially a part of my forest practice, available online and traveling around the world. These special circles are evenings where women come together to simply disconnect from their everyday lives, try something new, and spiritually rejuvenate.

Spiritual circles for women

When women unite, the planet can heal.

Check the calendar for upcoming events and choose the language in which you’d like to join us.

The evenings are divided into sequences such as shamanic music and dance for releasing trapped emotions, sound healing, therapeutic yoga exercises and mantras, cathartic imaginative processes, visualizations, meditations, therapeutic writing, mutual sharing, and attentive listening, and in live gatherings, cocoa ceremonies.

Even weeks or months later, women continue to integrate insights and impressions of how valuable the encounter in the spiritual circle was and what kind of connections this spiritual event brought them – on friendship, professional, health, intellectual, and many other levels.

Whether you have already attended Spiritual Circles, psychological workshops, or something else, this is a completely new world for you:

Meditations and spiritual rituals are suitable for all participants and should ensure that you feel comfortable and safe. You can also be a silent participant when you don’t want to show yourself and just want to absorb the valuable energy of the group and strengthen your sense of being part of the community (online and in person). This is not a substitute for psychotherapy, and the focus is on group work.

When women connect, their energy is very powerful, more valuable than anything else, with incredible healing powers.

Learn from wonderful teachers, conscious beings.

In Poise Shows

A place where we explore ideas and practices that help us live healthy, connected lives filled with purpose. Every week, you have the opportunity to enjoy rich content, conversations with brilliant individuals and storytellers on topics related to personal and societal well-being — from mental health, nutrition, integrative medicine, spirituality, personal growth to environmental regeneration.


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